3 Common Themes Found In Farm Animal Comic Strips

3 Common Themes Found In Farm Animal Comic Strips

31 August 2021
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When you read comic strips with specific characters and settings, you will slowly start to see new themes emerge. The themes often relate to the messages behind the stories, the jokes, and the focus on animals. Learn about what themes you can expect to find when you read farm animal comic strips and how they have allowed the comics to succeed through the years.

1. Farm Food Themes

Farm animals are the cornerstone of many meals in America. From beef to chicken, farm animals often show up on dinner plates, and comic strips will recognize this aspect. You will often see farm animals speak and react to various foods. For example, cows could mourn their friend that has been turned into a cheeseburger.

Pigs may refer to their body parts as various foods like bacon and ham. Holiday-themed comic strips may touch upon foods like turkey. The comics could also refer to the gluttony of humans in the way that the farm animals eat and plan meals.

2. Farm Animal Puns

The world of farms is filled with many unique names and popular phrases that have become the norm in society. Comic strips often take those key names and mix them with other phrases to come up with unique puns and illustrations. The barn location is a common option for animal puns and may include words based on the barn building or elements inside, like haystacks.

The treatment of animals may also become part of the joke. Popular phrases like "cage-free" or "free-range" are often infused into punchlines or storylines within the comic strip. The animals' names are often used for puns as well. Animals like chickens, cows, and pigs could have all their names used as puns to go with current events or pop culture.

3. Farms & Everyday Human Life

Farm life represented in the comic strips is often compared to everyday human life. Many visual themes and dialogue will reflect the nature of our world, but placed into the farm life. The themes used could reflect modern technology, current trends, or ideas that we see as ridiculous when presented through the lives of farm animals.

In some cases, visual themes are drawn into comic strips without being a part of the actual story. Look for details like the product boxes and framed photos on the wall to see the visual details that the illustrator has put into their creation.

The themes are reflected in multiple comic strips and often add layers of meaning to the simple panel designs.