4 Custom Laser Wood Products Ideal For Kitchens

4 Custom Laser Wood Products Ideal For Kitchens

22 February 2022
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Laser technology has dramatically improved in recent years, with laser accuracy improving and digital files opening up the possibility to create all kinds of unique products. Custom laser wood product engraving gives you the opportunity to give unique gifts and one-of-a-kind items with special images and words engraved on the items.

Just in the kitchen alone, you can find a number of products ideal for laser wood engraving. Check out some of the product options available and some unique you can gift others or keep for yourself.

1. Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards offer a smooth area ideal for cutting cheese, vegetables, and meats. Cutting boards can also double as a serving platter for guests. When you order a custom engraved cutting board, the engraving is typically limited to the corner of the cutting board.

Choose engraving options like names or images like food. For example, if you know someone who cuts a lot of fruit, then you could choose an image of a sliced apple for the cutting board engraving. The cutting board makes a nice display piece in the kitchen as well.

2. Drink Coasters

One kitchen item a person may use everyday are drink coasters. Advanced laser engraving technology can transfer photos onto wooden coasters and give you a custom set of options. For example, you could have coasters laser engraved with a picture of a pet. Choose a design that matches theme or décor in your kitchen.

The coasters could all feature the same picture or individual pictures on each coaster. A coaster holder allows you to display the set and artwork on a table or counter when the coasters are not in use.

3. Kitchen Tablet Stand

Many home cooks rely on digital recipes and video tutorials as they work in the kitchen. One of the easiest ways to display the content is through a kitchen tablet stand. A wooden tablet stand offer stability and durability. Choose fun engraved designs including a food like pizza or pasta. Consider adding a fun name like "Frank's Kitchen."

4. Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils are ideal for stirring, breaking apart food, and mixing together dry ingredients. An engraved wooden utensil will typically feature an engraving on the bottom handle of the design. The engraved words may include a person's name or a fun short quote about cooking. Play around with different options.

Make the gift of custom engraved products a new tradition that you give to family and friends throughout the year and for special celebrations like holidays or birthdays.

For more information on custom wood engraving options, contact a company such as Keeter Manufacturing & Laser Tech.