Three Bronze Statue Options To Recognize Someone Special

Three Bronze Statue Options To Recognize Someone Special

22 December 2022
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A custom bronze statue is a special and long-lasting way to honor someone special in your organization, community, or life in general. While some people choose to commission one of these statues after someone's passing, another option is to hire a statue artist to produce a statue while the subject of this creation is still living. Once you find a statue artist and begin to discuss your project, you'll need to decide how you want the finished product to look. There are several options that are possible, including the following.

Full Body

One option to consider is to have the artist create a full-body bronze statue of the person. In general, these statues are created to scale, which means that if the person stands 6 feet tall, the statue will be 6 feet tall. A full-body statue can be visually striking, given its size. Having this piece in the lobby of a building, for example, will quickly make it the focal point. Going the full-body route allows the artist to add numerous small details on the person's clothing, as well as having them hold something relevant.


If you want the finished product to be smaller in size, you'll likely favor ordering a bronze bust. Generally, this means that the statue will feature the person's head and shoulders, but nothing below the shoulders. It will sit on a base that you can set up on a desk, a decorative pillar, a shelf, or somewhere else significant. Busts are more affordable, given that they require less time and materials to make, which may be a favorable choice if you have a tighter budget. These creations are very lifelike and a good way to honor someone who is living or who has passed away.

Wall Plaque

Another option to potentially discuss with your statue artist is a bronze wall plaque that features the person's face. Typically, these creations don't feature the person's whole head. Instead, their face and a small part of each side of their head jut out from the plaque. This type of design is common in certain sports halls of fame, for example. You might favor this product if you want to display the piece on the wall, rather than have it stand out in the open. It's common for this piece to feature engraved wording or emblems above or below the face. Discuss these options with a local statue artist.

To explore more options, contact a custom bronze statue designer in your area.