3 Common Themes Found In Farm Animal Comic Strips

31 August 2021
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When you read comic strips with specific characters and settings, you will slowly start to see new themes emerge. The themes often relate to the messages behind the stories, the jokes, and the focus on animals. Learn about what themes you can expect to find when you read farm animal comic strips and how they have allowed the comics to succeed through the years. 1. Farm Food Themes Farm animals are the cornerstone of many meals in America. Read More …

How Poetry Can Heal Emotional Turmoil Over Time

25 March 2021
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It is thought by psychologists and other professionals in the mental health field that reading and/or writing poetry can help heal emotional turmoil over time. It is well known that patients who visit with psychologists can often be asked to write their thoughts or feelings down in journals so they can examine how they feel, and work through their thought processes with their doctor. It's not just those seeking help that can benefit from either reading or writing poetry for emotional turmoil, however. Read More …