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Three Reasons To Use Climate Controlled Storage

16 March 2018
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If you're like most modern consumers, you often find that your home simply isn't large enough to comfortably accommodate all of your belongings. Many people deal with this predicament by renting a storage unit. However, it's very important to choose the right kind of storage unit for the items that you'll be placing inside of it. Traditional storage units that don't offer heat or climate control may end up causing damage to certain objects. Read More …

Preview Functions Offer The Best Outcome

20 February 2018
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If you're trying to finish the color grading and adjustment on digital film before printing it on actual film, you know you have to add in the factor from a color look-up table (LUT) before you print. If you don't, the print will look terrible, and that could ruin the overall effect your film has on viewers. Using color grading LUTs is a standard procedure — one that has been done many, many times — and it's not really that risky if you know what you're doing. Read More …